The program

Where the daring meet decades of tribal knowledge

The Surge program is designed to help founders build enduring companies. To push them to think long-term as they take on what’s next.


Founder Studios

Learn and share with your peers during small group sessions with fellow founders.

Deep Dives

Take part in masterclasses and hands-on workshops with subject matter experts from around the world.

Fireside Chats

Hear behind-the-scenes stories and engage in candid conversations with experienced founders who have been in your shoes.

Tuesday Talkies

Sector Circles

Micro-communities for founders and C-suite executives, by sector and business function, where they can come together and learn from each other’s crafts, challenges, and unique know-how of building and scaling SaaS, DTC, Finance, Tech and much more.

Sector Circles

Tuesday Talkies

Closed sessions held during the Surge program that focus on different areas of company building. Founders and C-suites can go deep, tackling tactical and functional topics with Operators and Founders

Founder’s Academy

Once a Surge founder, always a Surge founder. With our Founder’s Academy App you can access all areas of Surge content and knowledge even after you’ve finished the course.


Community platform in your pocket

All the resources to help on your zero to one company building journey in one place.  Access events, perks, vendor lists and a directory of surge founders you can reach out to through the Surge Community app.

Perks - How it works


Our perks package is designed to jumpstart your journey. We currently host 150+ perks — think company credits, discounts and deals — worth more than $2 million. We encourage Surge startups to offer Perks too. It’s a great way to grow your reach while helping the rest of the community too.


The Surge Community continues to learn and grow together! Connect with founders ahead of you in the journey to get feedback on your product, find early customers, share insights and more. Our Community team is also here to help with any introductions.



Up to $3M in all participating companies at the start of the program in the form of equity.


No flashy demo days. Our UpSurge events provide each and every Surge company with a set of one-on-one meetings with investors from across the world curated specially for them.

Open Architecture

We designed Surge with an ‘open architecture’ in mind, to serve founders better. We invite other seed funds and angels to invest alongside Surge in a company’s seed round.

Open Architecture

Support for every step

From your induction to your final showcase, your dedicated Surge partner will work alongside you with a helping hand and a listening ear. Be it brainstorming your strategy or setting up MIS, we’ll work closely with you on all priorities. Like a true part of your team you’ll have access to us 24/7.

Support at every step

Experts at your fingertips

Get hands-on help from our team of specialists, who have extensive operating experience in marketing, PR, technology, talent, finance and more. Founders can book office hours with any member of the Surge team to access help and mentorship throughout their startup journey.

Dedicated Hiring Support

The first, early hires are critical to a startup’s success. These early employees will go on to build teams as you start to scale, and help define your company’s culture. Our dedicated human capital team works closely with you to help source, evaluate and hire top talent across sectors and geographies.

50 years of
experience in 16 weeks

Deep dive into the principles, themes and concepts you need to build a company that endures.

Program Modules

Founder’s DNA
Building an Enduring Company
Find your Focus with Metrics
Culture, Mission, Vision & Values
Know your User and Build Right Products
Finding PMF
The Magic of Storytelling
Hiring Moonshot Talent
Business Models & Moats
GTM: Sales, Growth & Marketing
Pricing & Monetisation
Building & Leading Teams for Success
The Art & Science of Fundraising
Boards and Governance
Scaling up without Blowing up
Building an Economic Engine

Program Modules

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