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The early stages of company building are exhilarating and incredibly challenging. It's a time where critical decisions about your product, your company and your market are made.


Crafting the vision

Is this problem big enough, and the market large enough, to allow my company to really hit scale?

What does the industry structure look like? What are the layers, who are the players and where are the revenue pools?

Developing the product

Who are my users, and what are their ‘jobs-to-be-done?

How do I define and articulate my value proposition?

Building the business

How do I chart a path to US$100 million revenue?

What moats can I build into my business model to sustain my competitive advantage?

Measuring performance

How do I measure the health of my business?

What product and business metrics matter the most?

Telling the story

How do I craft a compelling story to attract customers, employees and investors?

What goes into a killer pitch deck?

What others have to say

Hear directly from our founders.

A founder + company first attitude reflected in every interaction with the Surge team including the most founder friendly investment terms! Every person on their team is ultra-nice, always available and blazing fast when critical help is required!

Vivek Ramachandran Founder & CEO | Pentester Academy
Surge 03

Surge starts adding value before investing. Maintaining a high-rate of learning is one of the most impt things for a founder, having conversations w/ brilliant experienced ppl is the best way to do that.

Paul Meinshausen CEO & Co-Founder | Aampe
Surge 04

Surge gives you resources which you otherwise don’t have access to. For example, help in hiring is one where right resources from them can make huge positive impact. Same for PR, Marketing, Tech best practices etc.

Aditya Patadia Co-Founder | Gumlet
Surge 05

At Dive, we feel deep gratitude towards Surge. Dive was Surge 04 Cohort company. Surge is a rapid scale-up program for start-ups. It has been producing high-quality startups cohort after cohort.

Nitesh Agrawal Founder and CEO | Dive
Surge 04

Welcome to the community #Surge06 — its going to be a ton of learning, a lot of fun and the most helpful people you can hope to partner with!

Prukalpa Sankar Co-Founder | Atlan
Surge 03

Surge's Founder Academy is GOLD! 🚀🚀 Every single piece of content is MAGIC! 🪄🪄 Answer to all the questions a founder has or will have! Wish I had this a decade back when entrepreneurship happened to me!

Aishwarya Goel Co-Founder & CEO | PeakPerformer
Surge 06

Thank you Rajan Anandan and Shailendra Singh for starting Surge. 3 weeks into the program, we can already see the institutional knowledge that Sequoia has built over decades on how to build an enduring company.

Abhishek Poddar Co-Founder & CEO | Plum
Surge 04

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