Is my big idea BIG enough? Assessing market size and industry structure

Is my industry big enough

Surge is running a series of learning sessions designed for founders who are laying their company’s foundations and raising early-stage funding. Each session we’ll cover a different topic that is essential for early-stage founders’ company-building journey.

“An ideal pitch deck must have the purpose of the startup and the problem you are trying to solve. It’s about selling the problem rather than selling the solution.”

A great pitch starts with a compelling story.  When you pitch to investors, share your vision by telling a story about your market, the shift you see in that  market, the problem you are solving,  and what success looks like for your customer.

Demonstrate your data orientation and how you measure your business. Talk about your business and your model by explaining how you create value and how you deliver value. When you craft your pitch deck, think of it as an opportunity to tell a story that educates, engages and inspires.

What you’ll get from this session:

  • How to craft your seed pitch
  • The importance of your story
  • How to make the most of your first investor meeting

You can also watch this candid anecdote shared by Aakash Kapoor to understand the value of your first pitch deck.



We want to keep this session interactive, so we are offering limited slots to startup founders only.

👉 When? 18 August 2021, 6.30-8.00pm IST / 8.00-9.30pm WIB / 9.00-10.30pm SGT

👉 Where? Online (We all are #stayingathome)

So grab your virtual seat now!

Jul 1 2021
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Aakash Kapoor

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Is my big idea BIG enough? Assessing market size and industry structure